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Family Medicine

What is a Family Medicine provider?

A family medicine provider handles chronic conditions like diabetes, frequent migraines and
high blood pressure as well as your general wellness. While urgent care is helpful for
unexpected illnesses and injuries, a family medicine provider keeps track of your health and
health conditions. They will prescribe medications, offer non medicated treatment options,
make referrals to specialist and attend to you in the hospital*.Family medicine physicians are
also referred to as a primary care provider.

Why I should have a Family Medicine provider.

A family medicine provider makes keeping track of your health much easier. The continuity of
care makes it easier to spot potential problems and offers a better record of your health if any
issues do arise. Simple test results can reveal underlying issues that you maybe didn’t even know
you had. Regularly visiting a Primary Care Provider is beneficial for adult health and wellness.

If you ever have a serious problem that requires a specialist, care is much more streamlined
because the specialist will have an accurate medical record for you. Research has shown that
people with a family medicine provider have better chronic disease management, lower overall
healthcare costs and a higher level of satisfaction with their care. You shouldn’t wait until you’re
sick or injured to establish a relationship. Fortunately, you don’t have to: Better Care Concierge
Medicine is now accepting new patients. Make an appointment today and don’t navigate the road
to wellness alone.

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