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Whether your insurance plan is self-funded or backed primarily by the insurance company, Better Care Concierge Medicine can save your company money.

For Employers

All employers with Better Care Concierge Medicine benefit from a more productive workforce. Employees with acute care needs are easily able to see a provider. This allows them to get back to work soon so they can be productive. Since we only charge a flat monthly fee for primary care services, there is no reason for employees to not get care due to cost. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. A healthy workforce also results in lower premium cost from health insurance companies. Our flat rate fee that covers primary care services and urgent care services will lower your chance of having surprise additional fees in the form of adjustments based on health care utilization and billing for your employees.

If you would like to speak to one our team members about how we can improve the health of your employees, their satisfaction with their health plan and lower your company’s cost, call us today and we can schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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